Goals 2020

Happy New Year 2020!


As we sit at the precipice of 2020, I find that I really don’t know how I feel. I do have some things I hope to accomplish though, so here’s to that. Four Main Goals […]

Merry Christmas 2019


“No, please let me sleep,” Crystal told Cree as he tried to massage her awake… like he’d been doing for the last hour. “The children will be up any minute,” Cree said, stripping off his […]

Cree and Crystal's Engagement

Seven Years In Heaven


Seven Temples Together Cree and Crystal began their relationship one month before Cree went through the temple for the first time in Mesa, Arizona. This, only after a month of being engaged. Ever since their […]

Reenlistment Certificate

Four More Marine Corps Years


Cree waited nervously, checking his clock one more time. Staff Sergeant Duran was late, something that could be expected, but still added to the already mounting excitement of the occasion. “Have you tried calling his […]

Clint Dalene

Fearless Feline

Cree watched in amusement as the little brown ears popped up across the table. With slow caution, Clint slowly stood up, then hopped onto the kitchen table. Considering his options, Cree decided to try intimidating […]


In Which We Do A Thing

The two lovers stood in silence for a moment, then they reshuffled through their options. “I like this one,” Cree said, pointing to one of the photos, “it has literally everything.” “Okay, I think this […]


Blessed In Alligator Gut

The Sendoff Crystal saw the perfect picture, and as she commonly did, began snapping away at the empty benches at the river’s edge. As she took shot after shot, she felt vaguely aware of Cree […]


Busch Gardens Day-Trip

Cree mused to himself how few people actually used the full spectrum of military benefits available. For example, he and Crystal were now driving their three little ones and puppy to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. They’d […]

Sexy Nurse Illustration

Happy Halloween 2018

Officer F* walked into the office with a silly grin on his face. “There’s going to be an organization run on the 31st.” The announcement brought a chorus of half hearted “cool” from four of […]